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Last Updated on 06/07/2017
Loan Against Property


HNIs/Self employed professionals like Doctors, CAs, Engineers, Architects and salaried employees of select Public and Private limited companies, state and local bodies, Professors of colleges/Universities, High end IT employees etc.
Individuals of age 20 Years and above earning minimum salary/income of Rs.30,000/- monthly with a minimum of 2 year completed service in the same organization .

For any social/financial commitments, acquiring assets, etc.

Quantum of loan  
Maximum up to Rs. 
2.00 Crores.


50% of immovable properties.

Rate of interest 

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Repayable in equated monthly installments for a maximum period of 7 Years. There is no holiday period under this scheme.

No Pre payment charges


 Equitable mortgage of properties.

Processing charges
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Processing Charges.

Documents required

1.     Proof of Identity
2.     Address Proof
3.     Proof of Employment or Membership card of respective professional body.
4.     Bank Statement (latest 3 months bank statement)
5.     Latest Salary Slip or current dated salary certificate with latest Form 16.
6.     One bank cheque leaf (cancelled) of the bank account where salary is credited.
7.     ECS mandate authorizing the Bank to receive the monthly installment and letter of undertaking to give fresh mandate in case of any transfer, etc.
8.     For professional self employed persons past 3 years IT returns.


While all efforts have been made to update the information, constituents are requested to contact the nearest branch for further details.